Like it or not, your team IS your practice. Their interaction can force client turnover or build clients for life. The culture that has developed at your practice may be sending the wrong signals to staff and the result may be errors in treatment, billing and lower retail sales. Each of these is a hit to your bottom line.

We work directly with your team to help them learn how to work and communicate more effectively with each other and the clients. There’s no hocus pocus to achieve, just a commitment from you and your team to be open to improvement. Our testimonials from practices that have followed our roadmap for engagement, shows how much of an impact this can make.

Here are some of the steps we take with your practice to achieve an engaged, happy team and clients who benefit:

  • DISC (analysis related to each team member’s behaviors and motivators
  • Training (educating each team member so they will “own” their position on the team)
  • Recognize Achievements (provide rewards and recognition for efforts that move the practice ahead)
  • Collaborate (develop personal investment and commitment to the practice goals)
  • Communicate (team meetings that are in alignment with practice and team goals)
  • Culture (steer the culture toward one of zero errors and excellence)
  • Innovation (apply best practices to enhance client satisfaction and profitability)
  • Team Engagement (each team member strives for delighted clients)