Consumer activist David Horowitz’ column “Vetting your pet’s vet” in the August 2015 edition of The Costco Connection magazine misses the mark in not suggesting a course of action to improve the relationship between  veterinarian and client.

In the “Fight Back” sidebar he suggests if the client suspects malpractice by the veterinarian to follow tips from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and immediately seek a second opinion or have a necropsy done at a college of veterinary medicine, followed by complaints to the veterinary board or a lawsuit.

Female vet examining puppy with man in hospital

Nowhere in the article does it suggest talking with the veterinarian to gain a better understanding of the treatment plan or why a particular treatment was unsuccessful.

Considering that millions of Costco members receive the magazine and undoubtedly are influenced by this article it is even more important for you to build strong relationships with your clients and discuss every treatment plan and any risks involved (obviously, in addition to the client signing the treatment plan).

We are living in a litigious society and the Costco article does little more than further that issue.