Contrary to popular belief that young workers are a bunch of privileged slackers, research revealed by the Harvard Business Review shows the Millennial generation works harder than the older Gen Xers or even their Baby Boomer parents.

According the research, Millennials were much more likely (59%) to feel ashamed for taking or planning a vacation than workers 35 or older (41%). A troubling data point from the research showed Millennials twice as likely to make fun of colleagues who took vacation – 42% of under-35 workers admitted to doing so.

Something to look out for in your own practice team is employees who make fun of vacation-takers. Millennials were twice as likely to admit they weren’t kidding — 40% of them said they were at least “somewhat serious” in their vacation-shaming, while only about two in 10 of older workers were serious about their mockery.

Since Millennials make up half the workforce in most vet practices — and 20% are in supervision positions it may be setting a new workplace norm, one where time off truly isn’t valued.