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By Kirstie Scharr

Nowadays, whether you’ve embraced it or not, social media has an impact on almost everything you see and do, including your practice.

Clients use, share, and make decisions based upon social media platforms that are far-reaching. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and more are changing the way clients see you. And it’s not just millennials that are using them, according to a study by Pew Research Center, 62% of online adults aged 65 and older use Facebook. In 2015 that number was just 48%. It is important to keep up or at the very least be aware of the power social media holds when it comes to your business.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some ways you can use social media to bring more value to your clients:

  • Keep clients up-to-date on recalls, seasonal health hazards and other risks that are unique to your geographic and demographic location.
  • Let clients know what’s new at the clinic, do you have the latest in rehabilitation services? Are you Fear Free Certified? What makes your hospital unique?
  • Share with clients what’s going on in the community–many cities have adoption events, dog friendly festivals and other events aimed at people and pets having fun together. Bring Fido is a great resource that shows dog events worldwide as well as pet-friendly hotels, restaurants and more.
  • Share pictures and updates of your patients (only with express permission from their owners!).
  • Trends that are happening right now: ever heard of Dognition?
  • Share pictures of your clinic and the team–it helps clients make a personal connection, even for new or potential ones that haven’t yet stepped in the door!
  • A comic strip or a cute animal photo always hits the mark and lets clients know you have a sense of humor!
  • Use the 80/20 rule: 80% of your postings should be topics that interest and engage your clients; conversation starters and items that are worth a “like” or a “share”. The other 20% should be dedicated to your brand and upselling your services.

There are many tools and resources that allow you to connect with your clients.

If social media isn’t one of them, you may be missing out on conversations with your clients. Don’t let unfamiliarity stop you from gaining valuable online presence.

Find someone within your practice who can help and unleash the potential! Your brand could be seen by clients every day on their phones and computer screens rather than just once or twice a year.


Kirstie Scharr is our expert on social media (it helps thats she is a millennial) and you may have seen her at conferences talking about the importance of DISC behavioral assessments for your practice team members. Contact her at our office if you have questions about social media for vet practices or a DISC assessment for your practice.