AVMA Report Summary on The Market for Veterinarians

With two new vet schools in Arizona, there has been quite a lot of discussion around the state as well as the nation, regarding the question of whether or not there will be  too many veterinarians and not enough jobs in the very near future. The AVMA has an interesting take which is somewhat contradictory [...]

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Boston and the AVMA Conference was amazing!

Despite a 7:00 a.m. start time on Sunday morning, my Financial Sessions went great and by my fourth and final hour, there was standing room only!  I hope everyone enjoyed Boston as much as I did; great information, great friends, great food, lots of history, all in all a fantastic time! [...]

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Describe your business culture…

Now, put a number on how much it impacts the bottom line of your practice and its future value. If you find yourself perplexed by this challenge, read on. Picture a practice with constant staff turnover where personal interactions are discouraged, and everyone is expected to keep their nose to the grindstone. Do [...]

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