Meet Us In The Red Rocks!

Join us at the Enchantment in Sedona for the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association’s Practice Owner’s Business Retreat! We are sponsoring the mid-career track of this fantastic event, September 25, 26 and 27.  Enjoy the beauty of the Red Rocks with other Arizona Veterinary Practice Owners and Allied Members and learn how to take your practice [...]

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Saving Lives!

Last month the American Animal Hospital Association issued the AAHA 2015 Canine and Feline Behavior Management Guidelines.  AAHA’s goal is to provide information veterinarians and their staff can utilize to assess behavior along with guidelines of how to work in cooperation with owners in an effort to better manage behavioral issues when they arise.  Over 7 million pets are relinquished [...]

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Valuable Information for Your Clinic-Introducing AZ VetStats™

We’re conducting a Benchmark and Statistics Study  based on Arizona Veterinary Practice Data. Why should you participate? Contribute to advancing the Arizona Veterinary Community with Relevant Benchmarks Receive exclusive data and statistics provided to participating clinics only Identify opportunities for improvement in your practice Compare your statistics to Arizona-specific data Improve your financial aptitude [...]

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The Lump In The Demographic Snake

A couple years ago my twenty-something son wanted a dog as a pet. Never mind that I breed and show affenpinschers and would have given him one; he had thoroughly researched breeds using Google and social media websites and determined his ideal pet would be a French bulldog. At the time I thought it odd [...]

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Survey Ranks Friendliest States, Cities for Small Biz

Where your veterinary practice is located can help or hinder your success. Take a look at this survey to see where your location falls!  We can help navigate the governmental maze, just give us a call!

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Vetting David Horowitz

Consumer activist David Horowitz’ column “Vetting your pet’s vet” in the August 2015 edition of The Costco Connection magazine misses the mark in not suggesting a course of action to improve the relationship between  veterinarian and client. In the “Fight Back” sidebar he suggests if the client suspects malpractice by the veterinarian to follow tips from the [...]

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