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About Camala Bailey, CPA, CVA

Cammi Bailey is founder and president of CPA4Vets. She consults with practice owners nationwide helping them to achieve financial health. She speaks nationally educating veterinarians and practice managers on financial and management topics relevant to running a healthy practice including cash flow and budgeting, team engagement and stress management.

Happy National Dog Day!

As an avid dog lover, I would like to wish everyone Happy National Dog Day. National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed and pure bred.  The mission to is inform the public about how many dogs need to be rescued each year. To learn more about this celebration, visit  

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How veterinarians can profit from Dollar Shave Club

Veterinarians wanting to boost the profits and long-term value of their practice should look to companies like the Dollar Shave Club for ideas they can incorporate into their business. The Dollar Shave Club, founded in 2012 as a startup website selling cheap razors, just sold to Unilever for $1 Billion. Unilever is an international [...]

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Avoiding the cost of non-conformance in a vet practice

A few years ago, when I began breeding affenpinschers, my vet did an ultrasound and told me my little bitch would be whelping one big puppy and would require a C-section. When the time came, I took her to the local emergency clinic and told the vet there what was required. A couple hours [...]

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How to keep your reputation from going down the drain

Ryan Lochte’s alleged robbery, probably the most bizarre story of the Rio Olympics, shows how quickly a stellar reputation can sink and lead to financial ruin. Lochte has (or had) multi-million dollar contracts that may now be down the drain, all due to bad press. As a veterinarian, or other professional, your most valuable [...]

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Hello, I’m calling from the IRS…

Last year more than $1 Trillion was stolen from businesses and consumers in online and telephone scams. One of thieves’ favorite methods to fleece business owners is the “tax scam.” By harvesting information from the Internet, the thieves use your business and personal information to convince you that they are an official IRS agent [...]

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Arizona Veterinary News – December 2015

You most likely have heard the joke that no one can avoid death and taxes. In Arizona that expression pertains to your veterinary practice too! What I am specifically talking about here is transaction privilege tax, better known as sales tax. Here are two absolutes for sales tax: The Arizona

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One Less Thing to Remember: Forward Booking in the Veterinary Profession

My article on Forward Booking in the Veterinary Profession was recently published in the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association’s magazine, The Pulse.  It was also published in the Arizona Veterinary Medical Association’s November 2015 Newsletter. I hope it starts a forward booking trend in the profession!  What do you think? Click here to read “One Less Thing [...]

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