Rental revolution impacts vet practices

Thanks to the great recession and the reality that our kids may never enjoy the financial success we do, the veterinary market is seeing churn in a more-mobile clientele renting homes instead of pursuing the American dream of ownership. In fact, the proportion of U.S. households owning homes has reached its lowest level in [...]

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Happy National Dog Day!

As an avid dog lover, I would like to wish everyone Happy National Dog Day. National Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed and pure bred.  The mission to is inform the public about how many dogs need to be rescued each year. To learn more about this celebration, visit  

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How veterinarians can profit from Dollar Shave Club

Veterinarians wanting to boost the profits and long-term value of their practice should look to companies like the Dollar Shave Club for ideas they can incorporate into their business. The Dollar Shave Club, founded in 2012 as a startup website selling cheap razors, just sold to Unilever for $1 Billion. Unilever is an international [...]

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